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June 27 2017

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I want this framed and put on a wall of my home :D

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just sayin'

June 26 2017

Byłam bez życia i jakaś taka ospała. Nie panowałam nad sytuacją.
Boże Święty, dni prze­ciekają mi przez pal­ce, a nie mam się czym pochwalić. 
— William Wharton
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June 25 2017

Ministers in abrupt U-turn over fire safety in schools

Government goes back to drawing board after deciding that cost-cutting rules ‘would have been a disaster’ in light of Grenfell Tower disaster

Uh huh. A disaster for your obviously heartless party, continuing to say that schools don’t need sprinkler systems!

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June 24 2017

Miłość nie jest wtedy, kiedy musisz prosić.
— z artykułu "Zostać czy odejść? Kiedy kończy się miłość a zaczyna się iluzja."
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Her name is Joan Trumpauer Mulholland. Her family disowned her for her activism. After her first arrest, she was tested for mental illness, because Virginia law enforcement couldn’t think of any other reason why a white Virginian girl would want to fight for civil rights.

She also created the Joan Trumpauer Mullholland Foundation. Most recently, she was interviewed on Samatha Bee’s Full Frontal on February 15 for their segment on Black History Month.
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rainy day
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